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When initially meeting a Taurus, they can be very charming and magnetic. Part of this is a function of their competitive nature, which commands them to try and win people over. Once that happens however, they charm dulls a bit. This is one sign that is highly sensitive to criticism — both imagined and real. When interacting with a Taurus, be mindful of your body language and tone.

Taurus born signs will sometimes mistake something unintentional on the part of others as negative or critical in nature.

Part of this has to do with their built in defense mechanisms against getting hurt. Because Taurus is a fixed sign the other ones are Scorpio , Leo the lion , and Aquarius , it is not fond of change. In fact, they prefer things to remain constant. If a Taurus believes that a change in routine is about to happen or something will be altered as part of their regular ritual, they become anxious.

Taurus Man And Cancer Woman Compatibility In Bed And Love Life

In relationships, this can cause Taurus to have an anxious attachment style, which can be overwhelming. The key thing to remember here is that Taurus anxieties are usually triggered by a fear of change or loss. Taurus is a leadership sign. A side-effect of this determination however can be stubbornness. As a result, this hyper-focused approach to reaching an identified goal can cause Taurus to engage in conflicts with others. Here, we are talking about co-workers, superiors and loved ones. Taurus sign personalities like their routines and ritualization.

Their circadian rhythm is wired very well because of the strong attachment to scheduled activities. This sign also pays particular attention to its environment with an emphasis on the home. Taurus signs like a comfortable, nurturing environment that promotes restoration and security. In short, these are home-bodies that are perfectly content chillaxing on the couch. While others may view this as a negative trait, Taurus signs find inner-peace and harmony in ritualization. Depending upon how well you know your own zodiac sign, you can almost guess which zodiacs Taurus men are compatible with.

Here is a quick breakdown:.

The Taurus Man in Bed

Terrible Matches. Taurus men tend to be very practical in their approach to selecting a mate. Remember, one of the key Taurus traits is simplicity and routine. Taurus men will hookup as a function of sexual need or desire but forming a relationship with one is often a game of strategy. Loyalty is one of the main traits of Taurus. Taurus guys are in things for the long haul — meaning love, romance and relationships! One observation about Taurus men and their personality. Specifically, during full moon, they become highly sexual. It is during this narrow window that Taurus men will step outside of their comfort zone and engage in intimate behaviors that are usually not their norm. Females who were born under the zodiac sign of Taurus approach relationships different than their male counterparts. A key female Taurus Trait is the ability to seduce another as part of her competitive streak. Patient and gentle, she will wait for long periods of time to pass before making her move. If you are pursuing a Taurus woman, it would be wise to spend time romancing her and courting her a bit.


You will also need to love on her and pamper her. Once she bonds with you, expect a very passionate, loyal and committed mate. She will get her revenge on you big time and at a time of her choosing! Taurus men and women have passionate streaks. Spontaneity is not Taurus trait or characteristic.

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After a period of time, your Taurus mate will adapt and then start asking for repeat activities that you made happen in the first place. During this short period of time, Taurus men are vulnerable to higher sexual energy. It will take time for a Taurus to bond. Do not expect instant results. They move at a much slower speed than other signs when it comes to love and romance.

Taurus signs are best attracted by people who are funny but not over the top. If you have an overly gregarious personality, tone it down a bit with this sign.

The Core Personality Attributes of the Taurus Man

Think calm, relaxed and sensible. Taurus signs are typically aroused by being touched around their shoulders and neck. They tend to hold a great deal of tension in these areas. When you touch them, do so gently because the muscles in these upper body parts are highly sensitive for Taurus.

Above you will find a short video on the zodiac sign, Taurus. Relationships Select your sign and your partners sign I am Taurus man sex talk by Lizart Sg Well All is true about me Supposedly, the taurus guy I have know for 16yrs has always wanted me But goes to reassure me that he wants all of me and only time will tell? So does he mean what he says or is he just working me over I just do not want to miss read anything I ould say the guy likes you.

You have to remember that we like physical attraction. I love sex, it is the ultimate way to express your feelings to the one woman you love. A lot of women miss read this. They think that all we care about is sex and that we don't love them and so on. This is not true. We like stimulation through feeling and touch. We do not express our feelings through words, only feeling and emotion.

We like things that are Tangible. Now I want to address what the original poster said. I agree, that was the one thing that stood out as wrong in the description. I love roleplay and other sex fantasies. Most women I have been with never seem to get it. Keep a Taurus man happy in his home, more specifically in the bedroom and kitchen, and we are not going anywhere. Entirely correct On the other points too, I also try to be understanding of others, and I pride myself on my ability to see other's points of view.

Of course, my friends think otherwise, whilst they appreciate my ability to see all sides of a disagreement, they do find it irritating when trying to convince me of their own argument, as I can nearly always spot the flaws immediately. I think this is probably at the root of another commonly quoted problem, our inability to express ourselves in words. Words come too easily, and their meaning is malleable, a simple "I love you" can mean anything from "I want to spend the rest of my life with you" to "I want to spend the night with you" or could even mean "I want you to pay the bill for me".

Actions, on the other hand, carry real weight. No matter how much you debate semantics, a hug is still a hug, a kiss is still a kiss, and to a Taurean, they carry a fixed, irreducible meaning every time, one which cannot be taken back or altered, they are an expression of true commitment. I guess where we go wrong there is not appreciating that their exact meaning varies from person to person.

Lastly, anger. I am ashamed to admit, my temper is one of my defining features. I have learned through some of the greatest mistakes of my life to control my temper, to the point where I have developed almost limitless patience.