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His spirituality turns me on. Lol-Leo woman. Tel me about my career,and My sign is leo and my garl friend sign is pisces does the things goes on well for us bec we have decided to get marry as soon as possible.

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Tel me about my career,i want to know what the future has in stock for me. It is a very painful situation. There seems no solution because if I tell her she will reject my friendship and I will lose her. Life is not easy for some people. So i Love a boy.

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Kya mere parivar vale meri shadi usese kar denge. I am leo girl had recently break up to the 8 yrs younger saguitarius man.. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site is free and open to everyone, but our registered users get extra privileges like commenting, and voting.

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Debra R September 24th, Thank you Like 0. Saheed Apanpa folahan August 3rd, Like 0. Shivanchal July 19th, When will I get government job. John July 18th, Sanyaolu Ranti July 15th, Pls I need money i want to pay all my Dept my life is not meaningful to me Like 0.

Wyni July 10th, Please Like 0. Mariam Aamir July 9th, Marriage relationship is succes? My date of birth is 15 August Like 0.

Abiola dolapo May 15th, Autumn May 8th, I have no idea what my family is keeping from me but does my mom and dad love eachother Like 0. Oracle June 26th, Yes they still do Like 0. Tomarrow there is an exam will i get good rank in my exam Like 0.


Iron April 28th, Adefris Mulatu Tezazu April 16th, Gloria Barraza April 12th, Okonkwo chioma April 11th, It feels like my life is slow When will I find my true first love Like 0. Matthew W. April 9th, Me and a friend saw very similar vivid visions and i want to know if there real. When will I get married Like 0. Ama April 6th, Debra Bonilla April 5th, What does my future hold for me, will I be happy or even alive?

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Adefris Mulatu March 7th, Vladimir February 22nd, Thank you for every thing Like 0. Alison February 22nd, When will my steuggels subside atleast a lil. I feel like i ant cath up Like 1. Joy January 10th, Thank you very much. Please how and when will the worries over my marriage relationship end? And who knows?

Keywords: Passion, projection, opportunity. In June, you learned the hard lesson of not being too tough on yourself. Expect your passions to rear their head this month. And try and point them in a positive direction, okay, Scorpio? Because July is all about how you project yourself to the wider world. If you lead with a positive mindset, that will be reflected back at you.

Take this month as the golden opportunity that it is and rethink your public persona. Deep thoughts, good deeds, and a new you are at your beck and call. If you so desire…. Keywords: Explore, expand, experience. You jumped hurdles left and right with the help of your favorite organizational method last month, Sag. July is going to feel A LOT more adventurous. Be prepared to e x p a n d your horizons, maybe literally!

Eat something weird. Push yourself to explore your world in a variety of ways as you shake up your daily routine. So carpe diem, Sag. Carpe diem. Book pick: Wilder Girls by Rory Power. Reason: Talk about breaking out of your comfort zone. But when her friend goes missing, Hetty will do anything to find her. Even if it means breaking quarantine and going beyond the fence…. Keywords: Inspect, cleanse, release. You deepened your relationships in June as you strode forward into the life of your dreams. Or at least a summer to remember. July is teeing up to be a lot less friendly. You can expect secrets to be uncovered, buried memories unveiled, and your own communication style and personality under some self inspection.

Happy cleaning, Capricorn! Book pick: Breathing Underwater by Alex Flinn. Keywords: Drama, dreams, delusions. You steered the ship of life in the direction of your choosing last month.

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Do you like where you ended up, Aquarius? You still need to live in the real world, even as you charge ahead into the life of your dreams. Take some time to disconnect. Maybe by reading a book?