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This category contains sites that primarily offer software products or applications that in some way present astrological information. Vedic 8.

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Society Religion and Spirituality Divination Software. AIR Software.

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Information on the StarTrax for Windows program, astrological research software and related articles. Astrocalc International. Offers a variety of software catering for beginner to advanced levels. Includes product details and support, forum, newsletter and company profile. Astrograph Software. Interactive astrology software for both Macintosh and Windows. Publisher of various titles to aid in charting and reporting, including the professional Solar Fire system. Freeware Astrolog 5. Details of features and screenshots.

Astrology and Horoscope Software Systems. Report producing software for personality, relationships, daily, monthly and yearly forecasts. Product information for PC and Mac products, with details of licence, review and sample request facility. Multilingual site offering transits, synastry, progressions, sun and moon returns with graphics and interpretation.

Data bases for localities and time zones. Developed by astrologer Daniel Vega. Includes software for PC and Macintosh computers, pocket micro computers, posters, and books. Click here. Macromedia Flash 8 8. Cool Edit Pro 2. Microsoft Project Professional Visual Studio Community. Windows Media Player Horizon 2. WinMount Free Edition 3.

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Paltalk Counter-Strike 1. TeamSpeak 3. Microsoft 3D Pinball - Space The Holy Bible King James All popular downloads. View Full Version : Astrology Software. Hello everyone, I need some help. I'm looking for an astrology software to use on my PC that has all the cities of the world like on astrodient but also the option to enter the latitude and longitude without having to pick a location. Is anything like this available? Also, I prefer downloadable sofware.

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I don't want to wait for shipment I wonder what in my chart makes me so impatient :D. A pretty interface would be great too 8. I do not know what the rules are concerning publishing the names of software on the forum.

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If it is not ok to publish them here, please p. But you can always delete the first chart and replace it with another. There are no interpretations just charts. It also has a world map, point and click, to enter any location on the globe. Great programm!

All caculation in one program!! There is also Canopus, also free software, which comes with interpretations too. I tried astrowin and had no clue what to do with it Hi Zen Have you looked into WinStar express?

stevliatitido.ga Although as far as I know you can't save charts in it, What Watch is a very good program. Astrolog32, an updated version of the classic Astrolog for bit Windows.

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It's free, accurate, and does so many things. The animation feature is priceless especially for visualizing your upcoming transits! It's also fairly expensive. Solar Fire 6 does have a wonderful search function, which allows you to search over long periods of time and produce text listings of just about every astrological happening you could imagine. It is one of the few pieces of software which allows fully customizable midpoint searches, including transiting planets to midpoints, transiting midpoints to planets, transit-to-transit midpoints, and midpoint-to-midpoint searches.

The main thing I use it for is the search feature. It also has an excellent electional search, where you can specify oodles of parameters and find a time exactly suitable to your electionary requirement. Hi, Sorehearted. You can enter the latitudes and longitudes on Kepler. You can also download it, any add-on programs, any updates. I'm using Astrolog32 version 2, developed by a different programmer from version 1. Atlas with longitudes and latitudes are available now. Solar Fire is great yet i found it too expensive for a starter in horary. Just must say, what an awesome addition to the forum.

Txs to everyone for the great input which is most helpful. Any reason for this.. Curious to see complex software starbuck. Now is the time to download the 30 days free trial version of Janus 4, the new version of Janus, available now since December. I totally loved Janus 3, I thought it's perfect, but Janus 4 gives even more. What a great piece of free software. I have also Solar Fire but The reasons posted by unukalhai are the same with mine. I have used Astrolog for so long I feel stuck in wanting to use anything else as Ientered data for many people for yes.

I wish I could get the new version set up like the old version as for aspects and transfer all the old chart data into it. I am really glad the author upgraded the Fixed stars and a few other things. Great piece of shareware. A little complicated for the cmptr novice,but well worth trying. I just discovered this thread I received a free copy of WSExp in a package deal a while ago and had some problems with its calculations. Not sure why, but it was my progressions Born in Brisbane and the current location is near Princeton, NJ. The progressed chart was way off.

I swear by WinStar Plus 2.