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Take a cue from Trolls the Experience in Midtown Manhattan , where revelers get the party started at a beauty bar with Glitter Gurus, who apply fabulous, glittery face paint. Add tie-dye cupcakes, a colorful Trolls candy and dessert bar, and cue "Can't Stop the Feeling" for the Best. There's nothing quite like a classic backyard bash, especially during the summer. Keep it simple, and let the kids run to their heart's content.

If you want a theme, we've got top summer-themed birthdays here, and our favorite outdoor themes here. Whether you decide to let a few guest sleepover in a tent or if you just grill up some hot dogs, serve s' mores for dessert and have a few nature scavenger hunts , a camping-themed birthday is always a hit, especially during the warmer months!

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Need ideas for your tiniest naturalist? Check out this adorable camp-themed first birthday party to be inspired. We aren't referring to the bubbles you remember pre-kids, but a morning party with brunch items and kid-favorite bubbles is a winning combo. Offer up egg muffins, scones, fruit and other nibbly goodies, and let the kids go wild with a wand or two. See this two-year-old's sweet day for more ideas.

Or, if you've got older kids, why not set up a bubble lab with experiments, instead. In March you can head to the big top to see Tim Burton's reimagined Dumbo , but in the meantime, you can make your carnival dreams come true with a Dumbo-themed party! Nutter Butter treats, lots of colors and let's not forget images of our favorite, big-eared elephant! You can deck your party out in style with printables from Where the Green Grass Grows. Pokeman is still a thing and that's because of the new Detective Pikachu film.

Deck your kiddos party after the beloved character and don't forget all the fun Pokeballs and treat bags, like these adorable catchalls from The Homes I Have Made.

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Superheroes are forever popular but this warrior woman has reached new heights. If was the year of the woodland creature and the year of the flamingo, then is the year of the llama and also, maybe the sloth. From sweet baby shower themes to full-on party games pin the tail on the llama, anyone? We think Anna would smile about this trend.

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We love this simple llama cake topper kit ears, eyes and mouth that transforms your theme instantly some piping skills required. Move over painting parties, here comes the next exciting thing in children's birthday activities! Alice's Table provides custom floral arranging parties including children's birthday parties pssst Each attendee learns how to create a professional floral arrangement and bring it home in a stylish vase or a beautiful flower crown fit for a queen. Plus, they come to you if you're hosting a private event.

Check out their events calendar and search by state to find happenings near you. Online: alicestable. There are three secret ingredients to pulling this party off: tulle, gold glitter and a princess kit cake from Cakest. Skip on over to Mint Event Design to see more inspiring pictures. And check out our review of Cakest and other DIY baking kits here. This little piggie is a big hit with the petite party crowd! Little pig noses and ears are fun to wear and easy to make! Who wouldn't want to celebrate their birthday with a full spa treatment? Drop cucumber slices in water, offer soft and cozy robes and slippers and twirl their hair up in a towel for a day of pampering that includes manicures, pedicures, and facial masks.

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Everyone loves those crazy minions, so throw a party where they can shine as bright as your bitty birthday star! Yellow foods galore—pineapple, bananas, popcorn—will be fun to snack on as your party guests don silver goggles or even yellow hard hats! Don't tell us you haven't spend a Saturday at a trampoline park recently.

This is one of the hottest places to host a kid birthday these days. The best part? Set out different superhero costumes, and let your guests choose their powerful persona upon arrival or have them come dressed as their favorite superhero! My cousin passed away.

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His emo-perreo helped me twerk my way through every stage of loss, from anger to depression to acceptance. It was temporary relief on the dancefloor. It was bigging me up when I felt low. It was a passport to explore new parts of myself. As I said, was the most-difficult year of my life. More than that, the people around me were as well. Yes, we are facing so many battles, from our relationships and careers to natural disasters and political violence. And what a cake that was. Honestly, this cake is giving us some serious FOMO for not being at this party. We can only imagine that this cake was as delicious as it is beautiful.

Clearly, the cake delivered on everything Reichard was hoping for. Who could be upset at seeing that cake?

We ship it. If you are willing to show someone this much love, you should be able to express that love through fake wedding photos. Throughout the room, I had confetti of his face, including an obviously-edited photo of him embracing me, HA!

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Happy birthday, Raquel! Many people on the island are still trying to put their lives back together, which includes rebuilding homes, churches, and schools. What many might not know is the recovery efforts have also included revitalizing baseball fields on the island where Puerto Ricans once played. Among the destruction that both Hurricanes Irma and Maria left in is more than small league baseball parks that were found inoperative. As a result, many community ball programs were essentially eliminated and youths on the island were essentially left in the dark without fields to play the sport.

The purpose of the initiative will be to help rebuild some of those damaged baseball fields and facilitate local programming for 17, youth. It is expected that in total, about facilities will be impacted by this initiative.

It helps young people do better in school and improves family life and health in difficult circumstances. This also includes the Kohler Company, which made a donation to fund bathroom fixtures for onsite facilities.

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This rebuild will make a big difference for the community, and I am proud to continue my efforts to restore the island. While time may have passed, many on the island of Puerto Rico are still trying to get back on their feet.

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For Bad Bunny, he knows firsthand the power that activities like baseball have on youth.